Despite the tremendous growth of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, we are still some distance away from real mass adoption.
Part of this is technological – up until two years ago, blockchain technology was simply too slow and too expensive for mass market applications.
But another part is simply the lack of correct incentives. We need a simplified technology which markets itself, and rewards early adopters everywhere in the world, and incentives referrals.
Libre Protocol is focused on that objective. It’s a blockchain built for pegged bitcoin and pegged stablecoins that, by design, rewards early users, repeat users and network growth.
Libre grew out of the Bitcoin Libre wallet: a fast growing non-custodial wallet focused entirely on pegged Bitcoin and gamified rewards. Libre takes that wallet and magnifies it by handing over the ownership of the chain itself to early participants.
Libre is not initially focused on apps. It was custom built for one single use case: holding and sending pegged bitcoins and stablecoins – and providing a way to swap. However, the core technology supports every type of smart contract on any other blockchain.
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