What is Libre?

A Programable BTC+LN Sidechain

Bitcoin and Lightning are the foundations of a new digital financial system. But they are hard to use for the average person. Today's users demand simple usernames, simple user interfaces and simple app connectivity. Libre tackles that challenge -- and makes Bitcoin accessible to everybody, everywhere.
It does this with a completely fair launch delegated-proof-of-stake blockchain, with non-custodial pegging, and simple on-and-off ramps to Bitcoin and Lightning. It's completely decentralized, with no unique team or central point of failure. It's also easy, fair and free.


Libre is the easiest blockchain to use - accounts are free and you do not need to buy or hold LIBRE tokens to use the Libre chain. The speed, reliability, and cost of transactions is equal to the utility that people around the world have previously only been able to enjoy when using centralized applications - now Libre chain provides that level of functionality.


There is no "premine" of any kind or tokens allocated to team, investors, or funds. The LIBRE token distribution starts with an airdrop and block rewards that are paid to the elected validators for each block processed. LIBRE token holders can engage in governance through the DAO and through the validator elections.


Most of all, Libre is about freedom. The freedom to transact, trade, build, earn and self-govern. The etymology of the name Libre comes from the latin liber meaning "free, unrestricted."

Free to Transact

Libre has no borders and no transaction fees. All of the wallets are non-custodial and work anywhere in the universe where there is an internet connection. API nodes are provided by the Libre validators. Libre transactions are nearly instant and irreversible. Libre is built to interact seamlessly with Lightning, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other chains.

Free to Trade

Libre allows anyone in the world to trade Bitcoin for stablecoins. Libre has no transaction fees and a very low-fee AMM owned and governed by the Libre DAO.

Free to Build

Anyone can build applications that leverage Bitcoin and other tokens on the Libre chain. Apps can be built in any language that compiles to WASM including C, C++, Python, Go, Rust, Java, Javascript and PHP.

Free to Earn

Libre leverages gamification and rewards through on-chain referrals to incentivize user growth and adoption. Libre accounts can stake their tokens to earn LIBRE rewards.

Free to Self-Govern

Libre chain uses the LIBRE token for governance - both electing validators as well as voting in the Libre DAO. If you are technical and you want to become an integral part of the chain - see the docs on becoming a validator.