Building on Libre
Libre Chain is the best place to build smart contracts that interact with Bitcoin, Stablecoins, and even Bitcoin Lightning.

Building Smart Contracts

Libre meets developers where they are at. There is no need to learn a new language as Libre supports building in almost all modern and popular programming languages including C++, Typescript, Rust, Go, and Python.
There are online several online IDEs you can use to build on Libre Chain - so you do not have to install any software locally to get started.
For example, any EOSIO/Mandel-based tools will work with Libre Chain, for example:
You can build smart contracts following this developer guide. Please start on Testnet - where the validators can help you with getting resources and access to the public API servers.

Interacting with Accounts

It's very easy to implement wallet integrations with any of the wallets working on Libre Chain for authentication and signing transactions. Please see the accounts and wallet section here for more info.

Local Libre Testnet for Development

There is a very simple tool for setting up a local chain dev environment located here on Github.