What Makes Libre Different?
Token Distribution The first is an extremely broad airdrop to all active users on fast L1 chains: EOS, Telos, WAX, Proton, Avalanche, Solana, Cosmos and Terra. This airdrop will guarantee a broad initial distribution of tokens, with no concentration of “cheap/free tokens” that can flood the market and kill network growth.
Staking Rewards
The second is high yielding staking returns which decrease programmatically over time. This high initial inflation, with rewards for long term stakers is a key differentiator with all major L1 blockchains. It has worked phenomenally well for HEX, but this is “just” a contract on ETH, not its own chain. But most blockchains, with large allocations for the founding teams and initial investors are not willing to risk/share the value of their tokens. See also Staking Details.
Mint Rush
The third is a well planned, fair AMM “Mint Rush” that will be used to fund the initial AMM for the LIBRE token versus Bitcoin, providing a value to the network token. No funds from the mint rush will be used for any other purpose than the AMM. The mint rush is also gamified with higher yields for initial stakers (early pays higher and longer pays higher). See also Mint Rush Details.
Libre DAO
The fourth and final change is a fully functional DAO from day 1 that will be used to tweak parameters, fees, and also allocate tokens to any number of developers and developer teams. Libre is designed to be independent of any one team from the start. See also DAO.
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