Mint Rush Details
The Mint Rush will be a 30 day period where there are bonuses for all users that contribute BTC during this Mint Rush period. 100% of the proceeds will go into a liquidity pool on the LIBRE AMM.
The amount of tokens distributed through the Mint Rush will be equal to 10x the amount of tokens claimed during the Airdrop.
All of the values will be stored on-chain as defined in the Mint Rush Table below.

Mint Rush Logic

You choose the amount of BTC to contribute, and the days your LIBRE will be staked. The earlier you contribute, the more of a bonus on your initial stake you will earn. You must stake for at least 30 days - can stake up to 4 years. At the end of the mint rush tokens will be distributed to you based on this formula ( your contribution / total contributions ). 100% of Mint Rush tokens will be staked on day 1 after distribution.
The earlier you contribute to the mint rush, the higher your staking multiplier will be.

Mint Rush Table