Mint Rush
Shortly after the LIBRE Airdrop has commenced, we will enter the next phase of the protocol launch: the LIBRE "Mint Rush." The Mint Rush is designed to distribute the majority of tokens in a fair way to the entire ecosystem, in exchange for funding the LIBRE / BTC AMM liquidity pool. To participate in the Mint Rush, users will need to send pegged BTC (PBTC) to a smart contract. A fixed amount of 100 Million LIBRE tokens will be distributed pro-rata to all Mint Rush participants. 100% of the proceeds will go into a liquidity pool on the LIBRE AMM. As an incentive to early participation, users will be given a declining yield bonus that applies to their initial mint rush stake. So, the price for all participants will be the same (and discoverable at the end of the mint rush as the ratio of 100 Million to the BTC raised), but the staking returns will vary depending on timing of the contribution.
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