Fair Launch
LIBRE will launch with 210 Million Tokens. This will consist of an entirely open, and fair "mint rush" of 100 Million tokens, a matching 100 Million tokens placed in a community owned AMM, and a broad airdrop of 10 Million tokens to existing blockchains. There is no pre-mine, team tokens or early investor tokens of any kind. Airdrop / SpinDrop 10 Million Libre tokens will be Airdropped to Solana, Ethereum, EOS, Proton and WAX users satisfying initial account thresholds. These thresholds have been already determined. For each eligible account, a random seed will be picked and stored to generate a "spin" eligible for between 1 hundred and 50 thousand LIBRE tokens. Users will get referral tokens for every user they invite. Once the initial fund of 10 Million tokens is exhausted, or after 90 days, (whichever comes first) the airdrop will end. Mint Rush 100 Million tokens will be allocated to the Mint Rush. These will be split pro-rata according to who decides to contribute to the Mint Rush. 100% of the funds contributed to the Mint Rush will go into the AMM. AMM 100 Million tokens will be placed in an AMM together with the Bitcoin contributed to the mint rush.
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